“It would be so easy to just give up”


And yet he doesn’t. Ever.

He pushes through heartbreak. Through chronic pain. Through bereavement. Through alcoholism. He breathes deep and swallows the hurt. He buries his parents and moves on. Strangers take him from all that is familiar to him. All he knows and loves and hold him hostage for three months of his life. Torture him and leave him with a glowing reminder that reminds him daily of the pain inflicted upon him. He takes a deep breath, pulls it all in and moves forward. He gives his heart, loses his love and buries Rumiko. He sacrifices his most cherished gift, his mind and yet he still puts one foot in front of the other. He builds a family, only to watch them splinter and leave. He forges a lasting bond with a man he loves as a brother. He watches that bond shatter under the cold banner of war. A shard of ice piercing his heart when Steve is gunned down and yet still, he curls his tears into a small, hard ball of desolation and buries it deep.

No matter how heavy the cloak of depression or sharp the blades of grief he never gives up. He simply doesn’t know how. Tony Stark is many, many things. A brother. A businessman. A team mate. A lover. And the sum of those shadowed parts create the flesh and blood of his whole.

No matter his own grief. His own pain. His own loss. He will never, ever give up. That’s what heroes do. And at his very core. At the center of his soul. Tony Stark is, and always will be, a hero.



no matter how many people i have in my life i always feel alone and unneeded



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"you cant love that character THAT much!!"



Conceal, Don’t Feel




…I’m about to lose my shit, I’m browsing tees on the website I usually buy comics from and look at this

men captain america shirt


women captain america shirt




 i hope they have male Black Widow t-shirts “my girlfriend is a superhero”

not in this universe


A leaked photo from the Avengers: Age of Ultron Comic-Con trailer gives us a low-res look at Ultron.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

"Okay fine. I shouldn’t have said that I would let that creep eat all your splinters. You’re very special to me and I value our friendship. Happy now?" "I am groot." "And I’m sorry that I put you in my mouth. I can see why that may humiliate you." Rocket Raccoon #2


Since so many seemed to like my Kieren, I drew a Simon too! He came out looking more realistic than Ren (even though I really tried to limit the palette!) but I’m pretty sure that’s because I can’t draw lashes the length of a soccer field on Simon and still be taken seriously. Anyway, thank you for looking.